Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rapport du RNDDH sur le viol de l’adolescent de Port-Salut

Rapport du RNDDH sur le viol à Port-Salut d'un adolescent de 19 ans à Port-Salut par des casques bleus de la mission de l'ONU en Haiti (MINUSTAH)  - Radio Kiskeya


Sunday, January 9, 2011

IACHR Sets Unprecedented Recommendations for Haitian Government to Address Wave of Sexual Violence in Displacement Camps

MADRE | CCR | IJDH | BAI | IACHR Joint Press Release

January 4, 2011, New York, NY — Issuing unprecedented recommendations to the Haitian government, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has granted a legal request submitted in October by a group of advocates and attorneys for displaced Haitian women including MADRE, the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI), the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Women’s Link Worldwide, and CUNY School of Law. The IACHR’s groundbreaking recommendations request that the Haitian government take immediate measures to prevent sexual violence against women and girls in displacement camps.


Nous avons vu les sept couleurs de l’Arc en Ciel

Nous avons pleuré toutes les larmes de nos corps

« Pour tous ces noms endormis au seuil de nos mémoires »

Nous avons erré à la recherche de nos proches

En humant les effluves émanant de la ville

Nous nous sommes perdues dans les dédales de nos maisons métamorphosées

Nous avons écouté tous les sons de cloche : de ceux qui regrettaient et de ceux qui promettaient

En guise de promesses tenues, nous nous sommes abreuvées aux sources polluées d’excréments

Et nos doigts ont touché à pleines mains les squelettes décharnés de nos cholériques

Monday, October 18, 2010

Haiti, Women, and the Elections


SPECIAL REPORT: Haiti, Women, and the Elections: Following Africa's Lead

© Cameron Davidson
As Haiti gears up for its November 28 elections, World Pulse talked to dozens of women on the ground to find out what’s needed to rebuild the post-earthquake nation.

In January, World Pulse teamed up with longtime journalist and regular contributor Anne-christine d’Adesky to spotlight the response of Haiti’s women to the earthquake. We’ve also been happy to provide a digital home on PulseWire for PotoFanm+Fi, a Haiti advocacy group that formed post-quake to support women and girls in Haiti.

Today, we’re featuring a Special Report on Women, Haiti, and the Elections—a package of articles, poems, and photographs that capture what women leaders are doing and how they envision change. This is the first installment in the series. 

Full story on WorldPulse

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Conversations for a Better World Diary of a Survivor Series

Just added Carine Exantus' Diary of a Survivor in Haiti blog series at Conversations for a Better world to our Haitian Women Bloggers list. Please check it out.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A Special Father's Day & Call to Action: Help End Violence Against Women & Girls

Greetings from PotoFanm+Fi! We are a global solidarity initiative launched after the January 12th earthquake to support Haitian women and girls and grassroots organizations to rebuild Haiti. We are inviting you to join us today in honoring Haiti’s fathers – and sons.

We are also issuing a special Father’s Day Call To Action to Haitian men and boys to become vocal, active leaders in ending rape and violence against women and girls in Haiti…

A National Commemoration: Across Haiti and the Diaspora, leaders have issued a Haiti Father’s Day call for a global commemoration of fathers and sons who died on January 12th – and those who are living. You are invited to join Haitians in a moment of silence to honor Haitian fathers and sons who died that day, and to honor those who bravely worked to help others survive the tragedy.

We add our prayers and thoughts to the many families who are grieving for their cherished fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, and sons. We give special honor to the many beloved sons whose lives and futures were tragically cut short on January 12th. Haiti’s children are the future –the loss of so many young boys and men leaves a hole in Haiti’s heart.


There are far too many Haitian men and boys who perished in the earthquake to cite here, though all deserve to be remembered and missed. Today, we honor public figures including Port-au-Prince Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot and the vicar general, Msgr. Charles Benoit and church priests who perished; Hubert Deronceray, a political leader and three-time candidate for President; and popular opposition leader Micha Gaillard. We also honor Jacques Jean Wilbert, a senator from the Plateau Central and Louis Michelet, a senator from l’Artibonite; legal judges Me Roc Cadet and Jean-Claude Rigeur; Patrick Isidor in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Pierre-Richard Jean-Pierre , head of the Ministry of Culture and Communications, and host of the national television literary program.
We honor the physicians Willy Verrier, Serge Cinéas, Vladimir Dossous, Pierre Alix Laroche, Chéro Germeil, Buissereth Lascaze and Jacques Célestin. We honor the engineer-agronomists Jean Fritz Boutin, Arsène Constant, Kernisan Chéry, Manès Lainé, Jackson Robert, Antonio Pierre-Lys, Christele Destin, Jude Zéphyr, Julien Romain, and Fruck Dorsainvil.

We honor  academics including the many who died in the collapse of Haiti's Faculté de Linguistique Appliquée (FLA) including 'Creolist' Pierre Vernet, the dean of the linguistics department  at FLA, and vice-dean Wesner Merant, and professors Yves Alvare and Guercy Antoine; Alix Auguste, director of the UCCADDE; professor Serge Petit-Frère , Jacques Valbrun of ASCUHADO; and Louis Lucrece Larosilière, head of the Centre Technique Saint-Gerard; and Junior Delinois, a linguist.

We honor musicians, including well-known promoter Joubert Charles; lead singer of the group Phantom; Ronald Rodrigue; rappers Young Cliff, Jimmy O and Evenson; and "Shacan Lord" Francis of the group Gasoline Clan; the drummer Peterson Louis; bassist Smith St. Felix; and members of the bands Djakout Mizik, Kreyol La, Nu Look, Krezy Mizik, Mika Ben, Mizik Mizik, and Carimi.

We honor the many writers and artists including Haitian-Quebecois writer George Anglade; the artist Louko of the Atis Rezistans collective; and painters Raoul Matthieu and Alix Roy.

We honor journalists Wanel Fils of Radio Galaxie; Henry Claude Pierre of Radio Magic 9; and Belot Senatus, a cameraman for Radio Tele Guinen. We honor Arthur De Mettéis, a columnist at Le Nouvelliste newspaper.

In sports, we honor the many players, coaches, referees, and representatives of the Caribbean Football Union including coaches Alix Avin, Gérard Cineus, Antoine Craan, and Jean Yves Labaze.

In business, we honor Pierre-Richard Perrault, an auto dealer.

Friends of Haiti: We also honor the many non-Haitians who died while in service to Haiti, including the hundreds of UN members including: UN MINUSTAH Head of Mission in Haiti Hédi Annabi; his deputy Luiz Carlos da Costa; Supt. Doug Coates, Andrew Grene, Sgt. Mark Gallagher and their colleagues. We also honor the dynamic US-born artist and transgendered activist Flo McGarrell, director of FOSAJ in Jacmel.


In honor of their lives and memories, and for the many fathers who we have lost, we are offering a small excerpt below of a poem in French by Haitian writer Marc-A. Christophe, Professor at the University of the District of Columbia, about his father – and about fathers. (Reprint courtesy of the author. Source: ‘Le Pain de L’Exil (1988). English translation by PotoFanm+Fi)

Retour D'Age
(for Norbert)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We Honor All Mothers in Haiti Today

Nou Onore Tout Manman Jodi a an Ayiti!


Greetings from PotoFanm+ Fi! We are a new global solidarity initiative to support Haitian women and girls, and grassroots organizations rebuilding after the January 12th earthquake. We are inviting you to join Haitian women leaders and all Haitians to honor Haiti’s mothers today.


Across Haiti and the Diaspora, women leaders have issued a Haiti Mother’s Day call for a global commemoration of mothers there who died – and those who are living. You are invited to wear white today as a symbolic gesture and to join Haitians in a moment of silence to honor Haitian mothers who died on January 12. We add our prayers and thoughts to the many families who are grieving for their cherished mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and daughters. To Haitian mothers we say: You are the strength of your community! Manman Ayiti yo: Ou se fos kominote ou!

We also give honor to Haiti’s daughters. Our hearts are full of sorrow for those whose lives were cut short. We cherish those who miraculously survived. You are a flame, always burning in our hearts. Ou se yon flanm kap  boule nan kè nou pou letènite.

We give special tribute and a global thank you to Haitian women leaders -- the great and the lesser-known -- who died that day. You shared a vision– Haiti will build upon it. Ou pataje yon vizyon --  Ayiti pral bati sou li. We also honor and express our solidarity with Haitian women leaders now carrying the country forward. You are pillars for Haiti!
Nou se poto pou Ayiti!

OUR FIRST CAMPAIGN: Action for Dignity - Hygiene Kits for Women in Camps

The current post-quake situation in Haiti remains extremely difficult for many families, especially those displaced and living in abysmal, crowded, dangerous tent cities. Today PotoFanm+Fi is publicly launching our first solidarity campaign Action for Dignity to provide critically-needed hygiene kits for women and girls living in Haiti’s tent cities. Hygiene kits may contain sanitary napkins, diapers, anti-bacterial soap, hygiene and other cleaning supplies to help women live with greater dignity and care for their children amidst the worst of circumstances. This campaign will be done in partnership with Haitian women’s organizations now assisting communities in underserved camps and builds upon actions by a growing international feminist community focused on women’s needs (see list below).

Will you join our campaign and support our Mother’s Day Action for Dignity? All funds raised will be used exclusively for this campaign and are US tax-deductible. Simply go to our blog by clicking on the link below and click on the PayPal button or send a unused amazon gift card or send a donation via check [written out to “PotoFanm+Fi” and earmarked ‘Action for Dignity’ in the subject line] to our office at: PotoFanm+Fi, c/o: 869 43rd street, Oakland, CA 94608.


Don’t forget to check out the other Mother’s Day activities that colleagues and Haitian groups are doing today. Below are some of the planned activities and groups we know about. You can find out more news and read blogs from and about women in Haiti at our blog:  www.potofanm.org

From all of us at PotoFanm+FI, mesi anpil - thanks a lot - and to all in Haiti, Happy Mother’s Day!

Photo: Susan Frankel, 2010